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Big Dicks and Big Dicked Men

What is it about big dicks and big dick men?

In the world of porn for women, men with big dicks get a lot of attention. The large penis is always a big deal. Certainly they're good to look at - a long dick is always impressive. And big cocks do tend to make women excited. The well hung man is always welcome.

But is bigger necessarily better?

The fact is, what women like to look at, and what they like in bed, are often two different things. It's been said that a big dick is a waste of good flesh, since the penis can only go as far as the vagina can accommodate.

Also, since the clitoris is the focal point of women's sexuality, the size of the dick is not necessarily an indicator of a guaranteed orgasm. A big tongue will probably be more useful.

Nonetheless, men with big dicks, like John Holmes and Jeff Stryker will always get the good press. Similarly, free photos and pictures of men with big penises will always be popular.

Yes, big dicked men are here to stay.

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Some of this month's features:
British Male Strippers - interview
*Puppetry of the Penis - interview and outrageous photos of the dick trick that's too rude for the show
* Autofellatio - we talk to men who can suck their own dicks
* Smoking Brassieres column discovers how women can pee standing up
* Hilarious Strip Search videos
* This month's Centerfold - Hunky Rob
* Featured Couple - hardcore sex photos that actually include afterglow!
* Exclusive erotic story
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